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Caring for your pets because they are part of our family too. Call in and see our friendly staff for all of your fluffy and feathered family needs. A comprehensive range of horse and cattle services are also available.

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I have been using Sarina Veterinary Services for all of my animals for over 7 years now. I breed and show Australian Cattle Dogs and of course we also have the cat. Over the years I have used many different vets and have found that Sarina Vets is by far the best Veterinary Clinic I have ever had anything to do with. All the girls there are absolutely amazing, they have shared with me, the grief and the joys of loving your dogs.

If it wasn’t for Rebecca my beautiful Molly would not still be here with us. She removed Molly’s kidney a few years back and Molly has had 16 puppies since then and is the picture of health.

I also use them for all my Artificial Insemination and would not trust anyone else to do the procedure on my girls. In all, I would highly recommend Sarina Veterinary Clinic to anyone who has animals, no matter what sort, as their service, compassion and experience is second to none.

Member of Australian Veterinary Association

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  • Paralysis Ticks

    With the colder weather comes paralysis tick season.  These ticks are carried into our yards by native animals, which are not really affected by them.  However, our dogs and cats are. Signs Of Paralysis Tick Envenomation wobbly back legs/unable to get up retching/vomiting trouble breathing What To Do If You Find A Tick either remove […]

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  • Comfortis For Cats

        Exciting News!!!! We have been recommending the use of Comfortis for flea control in dogs for a couple of years now. It is a once monthly, palatable tablet, that kills fleas within 3 hours of being bitten. We have had great success with it, and all members of staff use it on their […]

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  • ABC Open Video

    We have recently been involved in the production of a short video on rural vets for ABC OPEN.  Many thanks to Laurie Ann King for her amazing efforts in putting this together. Click on the link below.  

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  • Merry Christmas

    From Bec, Steph and all our dedicated  staff we wish all our clients and pets a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Remember this time of year is very festive and we all have leftovers – please be careful with leftover ham – every year we have patients with pancreatitis from eating the fat and […]

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  • Snake Bites are on the rise

    For the month of August we have admitted 8 animals with snake bites. Most of these have been Eastern Browns although we have also had a whip snake and unfortunately 1 Taipan fatality.  If your pet has killed the snake make sure you bring the snake and your pet as quickly as possible  to be treated. You do have […]

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