Comfortis For Cats




Exciting News!!!! We have been recommending the use of Comfortis for flea control in dogs for a couple of years now. It is a once monthly, palatable tablet, that kills fleas within 3 hours of being bitten. We have had great success with it, and all members of staff use it on their dogs. The biggest problem with flea control, is the environment, and treating other pets in the house, esp the family cat. Comfortis is now registered for use in cats. The drug is the same, but the dose is different.

Comfortis Colour Dogs Weight Cats Weight

Pink 2.3 – 4.5 kg 1.4 – 2.7 kg

Orange 4.6 – 9 kg 2.8 – 5.4 kg

Green 9.1 – 18 kg 5.5 11.2 kg

Blue 18.1 – 27 kg n/a

Brown 27.1 – 54 kg n/a

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