Artificial & Surgical Insemination

CANINE REPRODUCTION  can be very tricky.  We have been doing surgical inseminations with frozen dog semen for a number of years now, and have had great success.  Insemination with frozen semen is very precise.  We only have a 6 hour window in which to get the semen into the bitch.  To get the timing right, we need to do a series of blood tests starting from day 5 of bleeding.  These bloods need to be taken over a number of days, and the progesterone levels measured and graphed.  This will give us the optimal time to inseminate.  We have produced Basset hounds, American Staffordshire Bull Terriers, German Shepherds, English Bulldogs, whippets and Cattle Dogs over the years.  It is important that if you are considering frozen insemination as an option for your breeding bitch, that you contact the surgery with plenty of time to spare so that we can make sure that everything is organised.

We do store some CATTLE AI STRAWS at the surgery for artificial insemination of cows.  We can inseminate using these straws or we can use ones you may have bought.