Emergency Care

There is a VET ON CALL 24/7 to cater for any disasters or unwell animals.  Please phone the surgery on 07 4956 1897, you will get a recorded message, please phone the mobile number you will be given to speak to the on call veterinarian.

Our surgery is fully equipped to handle nearly any emergency for small animals.  Staff are trained in emergency medicine so as to make quick correct decisions regarding the best treatment of your pet in a variety of high pressure and high stress situations.

Large animal emergencies are seen on farm.

A few of the more common emergency situations where you can help your pet before calling us are:


  •  Typically dogs froth at the mouth, they may rub their mouth along the ground or paw at their mouth.  Their gums are usually very red.
  • Use a cloth and bucket of water to wash your dogs mouth out.  Make sure you wash around the tongue as well
  • Your dog may start convulsing – THEY MUST COME IN


  • If your dog has killed a snake and may have been bitten, please bring the DEAD snake into the surgery for identification.  Knowing what snake has bitten your animal allows us to treat promptly.


  • If your animal is bleeding profusely from an injury, your can apply a pressure bandage before bringing him/her to the surgery.


  • If your pet is retching, having trouble breathing or having trouble walking, it could have a paralysis tick
  • Search your pet and if you find a tick remove it and place it in a bag/jar, and bring it in for identification.
  • Do not feed your pet or let if have water
  • If your pet is showing signs of tick paralysis before you remove the tick, you must bring it in for treatment, as they can continue to deteriorate for up to 24 hours after removal of the tick.


  • Please be careful moving an animal in pain, as they will often bite.
  • Please do not give animals human medication, esp aspirin and panadol