Intestinal Worms

Tapeworm, hookworm, roundworm and whipworm are the worms that are commonly found in the intestines of your pets.

Hookworm attach to the inside of the intestines and suck blood.  In heavy infestations  your pet (especially young animals) can become very anaemic and may require a blood transfusion.  These worms can kill!

Roundworms have been known to get lost when they infest humans.  There are documented cases of kids going blind because a roundworm has gotten into their eye.  They can also cause strange skin rashes when they migrate under an infected humans skin.

Tapeworms are often seen, ‘hanging out of your pets bottom’.  These are actually just the egg segments, not the entire worm.  Tapeworms can grow metres in length. There are some tapeworms that have part of their lifecycle in lizards, that require 4 x the usual amount of medication to kill.

Whipworms will cause your pet to get watery, bloody diarrhoea.


Intestinal worms can be easily treated by giving your pet a worming tablet or paste.  Puppies can be given a liquid.

Worming regime is:

Puppies and kittens – every two weeks from two weeks old to 3 months.  After three months they are treated monthly until 6 months.

Adults – worm every three months for intestinal worms.