Surgical Services

Surgery can be a very stressful time for both owners and pets.  We are passionate about making the day your pet has surgery as smooth as possible for you.  Your pet will need to be fasted from dinner time  (no breakfast).  When they come in to Sarina Veterinary Surgery on the day of their operation, they will be greeted by a staff member and weighed.  You will be required to sign a permission form after we have discussed what the surgery entails with you.  Please voice any concerns or questions with our staff at this time.

After we take your pet through to the hospital, they will be thoroughly examined by a certified nurse.  We may take a blood sample to perform a pre anaesthetic blood test to evaluate your pets internal health.  Your pet may be put on a drip to help support them while they are in surgery.  They will be given a premedication/sedation (that includes pain relief) that calms your pet and allows for a smoother anaesthetic.  Once the premedication has had time to work, we will give your pet an injection to induce them into full anaesthesia.  A tube will then be placed in their airways to deliver a gas anaesthetic that maintains their anaesthesia.

Your pets surgical site will be clipped and cleaned.  A nurse will be with the veterinarian performing the surgery to monitor your pets anaesthesia the entire time.  After surgery is finished a nurse will stay with your pet until they wake up.  When they go home,  a staff member will explain the discharge instructions and any medications that are specific to your pets surgery.