Vaccinations are important to keep your pet from contracting a number of potentially fatal diseases.  Dogs, cats, horses and cattle all require regular vaccinations to maintain their immunity.  The type of vaccine given varies depending on each individual situation.  We recommend annual vaccinations to be included with your pets health check.

Leptospirosis australis is a very important vaccine that is specific to coastal Queensland from here North.  It is carried by rats and can be inhaled if a dog sniffs an area where a rat may have urinated.  It is a zoonotic disease, which means that people can get it too.

We recommend vaccinated your horses with Tetanus and stranglesHendra Vaccination is something that we are passionate about.  Hendra kills! 

It is lethal to both horses and people!

Hendra virus is carried by bats, and horses can start excreting the virus before they even start to show signs.  If your horse is not up to date with its Hendra Vaccinations, we may refuse to treat it.