Jacqui Connolly

I have been using Sarina Veterinary Services for all of my animals for over 7 years now. I breed and show Australian Cattle Dogs and of course we also have the cat. Over the years I have used many different vets and have found that Sarina Vets is by far the best Veterinary Clinic I have ever had anything to do with. All the girls there are absolutely amazing, they have shared with me, the grief and the joys of loving your dogs.

If it wasn’t for Rebecca my beautiful Molly would not still be here with us. She removed Molly‚Äôs kidney a few years back and Molly has had 16 puppies since then and is the picture of health.

I also use them for all my Artificial Insemination and would not trust anyone else to do the procedure on my girls. In all, I would highly recommend Sarina Veterinary Clinic to anyone who has animals, no matter what sort, as their service, compassion and experience is second to none.